The Simple Cloud Application Designer

Build, deploy and monitor your cloud applications using the IcePanel IDE

Drag and drop creation

Use our application driven interface to easily create, configure and link your cloud services in a matter of minutes. Then understand and monitor your environment at a glance with real time statuses and incident indication.

Extensible plugin architecture

At the core of IcePanel is a powerful plugin system allowing you to customize and integrate IcePanel in a way that suites you. With your help we will create a developer community, starting by open sourcing all of our official plugins to our GitHub.

Join our community Slack

If you would like to meet fellow plugin developers and join discussions please sign up to our community slack below.

Built in IDE

Build and maintain all your projects using the end to end IcePanel toolset. Collaborate on your code and infrastructure all in one organized environment.

Powerful tooling

From terminal to file manager to database viewer, IcePanel ships with a variety of tools aimed at making your life easier and saving valuable developer time.