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The C4 model
collaboration tool

Align on technical decisions across your software engineering and product teams

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architect designing systems

Visually design interactive C4 model diagrams with your team

Incremental and future architecture with a consistent language


explaining system to stakeholder

C4 levels of detail in a tool accessible to your whole team

Visually share knowledge with perspectives for each conversation


developer maintaining github link

Link your design to reality and be notified when it’s out of date

Sync model updates across your C4 diagrams for living docs

Visual diagram overlays

Multiple perspectives, without diagram duplication

Interactive messages flowing through your system(s)

Give colours meaning - showing multiple perspectives

Visualize the evolution of your design decisions

Speed up onboarding and knowledge transfer without handholding

Interactive C4 diagrams

Navigate through C4 levels of detail for multiple audiences

Model reusable relationships between objects

Understand your systems dependencies

Sync your updates across all diagrams

Design current and future architectures

What is modelling?

Reality as level 4 - Code up to date diagram

Link your model to reality - Your source control

Identify and resolve inaccuracies

Assign owners for accountability

Health check scores of your design - driving updates

Inclusive C4 modelling

Low barrier of entry - no need to learn a DSL just to diagram

Share self-updating diagrams, removing stale artefacts

Collaborate in real-time

See and easily contact your system experts

...a quick demo of IcePanel
Visualizing your software architecture in IcePanel
Experts like you ...
Increased sales due to dev team efficiency
A big value add with IcePanel has been documenting existing systems because inefficiencies and poor patterns jump out at you!
Data Engineer
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Better visibility between product & engineering
All stakeholders now easier digest the complexity of our landscape.
Application Architect
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Central resource for architecture decisions
We absolutely fell in love with IcePanel πŸ˜€ finally we can do cross team collaboration with ease.
Senior Solution Owner
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The C4 model collaboration tool

Align on technical decisions across your software engineering and product teams