Modern software design modelling

Collaborate on your system design in real-time and interactively explore your model

Effortlessly create structured system designs with your team

Incremental and future architecture with a consistent language

Communicate architecture in a tool accessible to your whole team

Visually share knowledge with perspectives for each conversation

Link your design to reality and be notified when it’s out of date

Sync model updates across your diagrams for living docs

Powerful C4 modelling

Simple structured levels of detail for multiple audiences

Model reusable relationships between objects

Understand your system's dependencies

Sync your updates across all diagrams

Design current and future architectures

Visual storytelling for

Diagram overlays, tailored to your audience

Interactive messages flowing through your system(s)

Give colours meaning - showing multiple perspectives

Visualize the evolution of your design decisions

Speed up onboarding and knowledge transfer without handholding

Up-to-date diagrams & docs

Link your design to reality - Your code

Identify and resolve inaccuracies

Assign owners for accountability

Health check scores of your design - driving updates

Inclusive tooling for your team

Low barrier of entry to escape knowledge silos

Share self updating diagrams, removing stale artifacts

Collaborate in real-time

See and easily contact your system experts

Explain complex software systems

Share tribal knowledge with collaborative system design; linked to your code.